The Meating Place

The custom cutting and wild game processing shop, located on NW Cornelius Pass Road, began as a part time venture only open from September to February. With constant requests from our customers, and fewer and fewer options in the custom meat cutting business, in the fall of 2011 we expanded to year round operations.

The Meating Place, an old-fashioned butcher shop is now open at 6495 NW Cornelius Pass Road. We carry a three full meat cases of locally grown proteins. We are thrilled to be able to resurrect the butcher shop and the experience it offers: top quality local meat, cut by trained butchers who can answer any of your meat inquiries.

Casey Miller, owner of The Meating Place

In 1993 there was a help wanted sign in the front window of the original Meating Place, located then at 185th and Highway 26.  Casey Miller, age 15, was hired as a part time, clean-up kid. Under Steve Crossley’s expertise, Casey worked his way to assistant manager by the time he graduated high school.

When the original Meating Place closed in 1998, Casey went on to manage meat markets for Safeway. He successfully ran the Murray and Allan meat department and the Lake Grove meat department from 2002 to 2011.

In 2011, Casey took on the custom cutting and wild game shop and opened his second location: a full service butcher shop in April 2013.

Steve Crossley, founder of The Meating Place

Steve Crossley first opened The Meating Place in 1974. The original meat market was located on the corner of Highway 26 and 185th Avenue. The Meating Place became known around the state as having the best wild game processing, jerky, sausage, and smoked salmon anyone could produce.

It is no accident Steve’s smoked recipes were so popular. They have been handed down and improved for generations. Steve’s father, Art Crossley, owned and operated C and W Market in Bay City, Oregon from 1960 to 1979. He was also the motivation and part-owner of the world renowned Tillamook Country Smoker. Art taught his three sons the business from an early age and all three boys went on to create long and successful careers for themselves in the meat business.

After 22 satisfying years owning and operating The Meating Place, Steve decided the long work weeks were taking too much time away from his true passion: hunting and fishing. In 1998, Steve closed the original Meating Place, to the dismay of many regular customers and hunters. After 4 years of following his passion of fishing and hunting, Steve realized he was missing something: he wanted to serve his best and most loyal customers, his hunting clientele. In 2004, The Meating Place reopened at the Cornelius Pass Road and West Union location. In 2013 we opened our full-service butcher shop.