Raw Dog Food

Our ground dog food is the freshest you can find. We use the freshest vegetables and meats in each batch, because a varied diet is a complete diet. Gluten and grain free, our ground dog food is designed for your carnivore. We believe feeding a dog only what they were intended to eat, meat, bones, and some vegetables is the best, most wholesome diet they can eat.

Raw Dog Food:

A mix of lean red meats, organ meat, chicken backs, seasonal vegetables, and flax seed oil. Recycle the dog food containers with us AND get some money off your next order. $4 lb. or $15.00 for four lbs.

Fresh Bones:

All our bones come from local beef, processed at our shop. $6 package

Smoked Bones:

Our fresh bones, but smoked! $5 per package

Why Raw Food?

Dogs are carnivores. Their bodies are designed to eat and digest muscle and bone. Typical dog foods are loaded with meat by-products and corn meal to fill your pooch up. That’s like feeding your child fast food twice a day, every day of their life. Nothing fresh, nothing wholesome.

Our Inspiration for Raw Dog Food:

We made the decision to go raw for our dog, Lucy, our 9 year old German Short Hair Pointer, after reading the literature and talking with our vet. An active dog who loves tennis balls, squirrels and long runs at the beach, Lucy is our beloved family dog. We’ve always fed her higher-end dry dog food. She’s always been in a good health, with some mild neurosis and some bad doggy breath. That’s all changed. A raw food diet has transformed her life.

Lucy now eats a diet of our raw food: ground meat, organs, chicken/turkey bones, vegetables, and flax seed oil. Her coat is shinier, her breath and teeth are cleaner, her neurosis have lessened, even her poops are healthier and half as frequent! Our vet gave Lucy an A+ on her last check up, saying her coat, teeth and weight were all ideal. She’s been exclusively on the Raw Food Diet for 4 years and counting!

Have questions about feeding raw dog food? Read more in Frequently Asked Questions about Raw Dog Food.