The Meating Place has been in business for over 40 years. From 1974–1998 owner Steve Crossley, a second-generation butcher, and his staff were known for their jerky, sausage, smoked salmon and wild game processing at their NW 185th location. As a sophomore in high school, Casey Miller was hired on at The Meating Place and learned the meat trade, under Steve’s knowledgeable guidance. Steve and Casey’s relationship began as employer/employee, but quickly grew into a father/son bond, one that is still strong today.

After the original location of The Meating Place closed in 1998, Casey continued his path in the meat business, honing his knowledge of all things meat, as well as building his skill set of business management and team building.

In 2011, Casey reopened The Meating Place as a small custom shop, open only a few months a year, processing wild game for hunters. Two years later, the full-service butcher shop was opened, quickly followed by the opening of the café. During these early years, several imperative employees came on board:

  • Gregg Cunningham, with his extensive knowledge of flavor profiles and sausage recipes, created many of our house-made sausages and sandwiches in the butcher shop and cafe.
  • With an Agricultural and Animal Sciences degree from OSU, Andy Turner joined our team as a conscientious mobile slaughterer.
  • Casey’s wife, Annie, left her teaching job in Hillsboro and joined The Meating Place.

The Meating Place now employs 60, offering healthcare and retirement, so that employees earn a true living-wage. Casey has successfully created a highly-demanding and highly-rewarding work environment that prides itself on providing the highest quality meat and excellent customer service.