BUTCHER SHOP HOURS:                                                  CAFE HOURS:
SU, NOV. 22, 11-5 PM                                                         SU, NOV. 22, 9-3 PM
MON, NOV. 23, 9-6 PM                                                       MON, NOV. 23, 9-3 PM
TUES, NOV. 24, 9-6 PM                                                     TUES, NOV. 24, 9-3 PM
WED, NOV. 25, 9-5 PM                                                      WED, NOV. 25, 9-3 PM
TH and FRI, NOV. 26-27: CLOSED                                   TH and FRI, NOV. 26-27: CLOSED
SA and SU, NOV. 28-29: REGULAR HRS.             SA and SU, NOV. 28-29: REGULAR HRS.


Thanksgiving Turkeys and Hams: Please consider reserving NOW, as we sell out quickly. To see our offerings, please select Butcher Shop, then Holidays.


Our butcher shop carries local proteins, including Oregon raised beef and pork, and house-cured sausages. Everything we offer in our meat cases are created in house, including our smoked sausages, dry-aged steaks and salami.

Custom Butchering

Custom butchering means just that, your own butcher. Your order is cut to your precise specifications. Before we process your order, we go over your detailed requests together.

Feed Your Family Quality

There has been a radical change in farming the past 60 years. Family owned farms in the early 20th century supplied all of our meat; now, corporate farms supply nearly all our meat. We are bringing  back local, sustainable meat.

Support Local Farmers

Local food is fresher and tastes better than food that been trucked or flown in from thousands of miles away. Think you can’t taste the difference between lettuce picked yesterday and lettuce picked last week, factory-washed, and sealed in plastic? The same goes for sustainable, locally grown beef.